Thursday, August 11, 2005

Summer Scene Night 05'

August 15th and 16th,

Monday night was a full expressive evening. Plenty of good acting going on. The pressure in the room was intense as usual and this required a superior focus. With this in mind a great job was done by all. Anytime I can listen to Williams, O'Neil, or Shepard I consider the evening a win.
Fool for Love is a play only to be performed with gusto. To see first year students Tracey and Costas going at it was inspiring. Strong imaginative work by Amanda opened up Home Free and Good Night Gracie absolutely brought the house down with Josh and Jim as the comedic dream team for that scene for this night for eternity. It was bust out funny.
On Tuesday night Howard O'Dell portrayed a hilarious drunk in True West as the Ivy League Austin roasting his brother. And Rick Daniels and Eryka Fraczek had an absolutely alive and spontaneous experience with Mamet's Speed the Plow. Rick should produce the play and put himself in the lead asap. This is his part. Wow. Both nights were elegant as usual. What could be better than real life human beings coming togethar as part of a community dedicated to perfecting the art of acting. Hope resides each time we witness these scene nights. Hope for the new artists willing to explore the mystery of becoming a better human being through the vision of the writers. Don't forget the Elephant Man, last two weekends. Onward and Upwards as the legendary Bruce Mackey use to say. Peace, Matthew